Charcoal Tablets for Incense

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Charcoal Tablets are used as an external heat source to burn flower, herb, and resin incense that do not burn on their own. Most stick and cone incense is charcoal-based, meaning the fragrance ingredients are pre-mixed with charcoal to allow them to burn evenly. Using charcoal separately allows you to burn incense that wouldn't ignite well on their own, like pure tree resins and herbs. With charcoal, you can avoid unwanted additives and make custom blends to suit your ritual needs and preferences.

To Use: Place a charcoal tablet on ash/sand and light the edge. If it's self-igniting charcoal (contains potassium nitrate) you will see tiny sparks as you light it and it will ignite quickly so never hold it in your hand! If you need to hold the charcoal over an open flame to ignite it, use tweezers or tongs to hold it.