Moon Water - Charged Moon Water - Full Moon Water - 2 oz Full Moon Water Glass Bottle - Lunar Water

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Full Moon Water with your choice of Plain, infused with Lavender or Tourmaline or Clear Quartz Chips, Lemon & Clear Quartz or Infused with Rosemary & Rose Quartz Chips or infused with Cedar & Bloodstone, or Black Tourmaline & Patchouli; 2 oz glass bottle.

Add this lunar infusion to your spiritual toolkit to supercharge your intentions!

Many spiritual traditions throughout history have given emphasis to the moon, believing her various cycles affect our moods and physical well-being. Rituals for harnessing the moon’s energy have existed for centuries. Some believe this water is charged with lunar energy, which can then be used to cleanse negative emotions or aid in spiritual transformation. Moon water has also been known to amplify the power of your intentions, thus aiding in quicker manifestation.

Moon water can be used in spiritual rituals, healing & purification rituals, as well as added to your beauty routine.

Please note that this is a 2 oz glass bottle.

***Metaphysical/magical outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using this product. Any information herein related to "magical properties" represents historical or traditional usages in mythology, folklore, folk medicine, or alternative spiritual practices and is provided as a matter of interest and entertainment only.***

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