Rough Un-Tumbled White Quartz - Raw White Quartz Crystal - White Quartz Crystal - White Quartz Chunks - Raw and Untumbled White Quartz

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Rough White Quartz Un-Tumbled Raw Stones
Measures Approx. 1.25 x 1 inches (Sizes Vary from Each Individual Piece)
Approx. 3 cm x 3 cm

White quartz crystal is a stunning stone that can be used for healing and meditation, and are associated with the crown chakra. White quartz crystals help with healing as they amplify the personal energy of the person or object they are used on, by placing them on top of the head, under your pillow or in any place where there is an injury or illness. These crystals can also be used to balance the energy in your aura and chakras, which will help with your spiritual growth and development. These crystals have been said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who use them, but only if they are treated properly. Place a white quartz crystal in the northeast corner of your home or office to attract wealth and prosperity. White quartz crystals help heal ailments such as insomnia, headaches, arthritis and other joint pain, and even depression. White quartz crystals can be used to protect your home and family from negative energy. They can also be placed in the four corners of a room or on each side of doors to help keep out unwanted intruders, or negative entities. White quartz crystals are used by many people as part of their meditation practice. They are thought to help focus the mind to aid in opening yourself up to your psychic abilities and gifts, as well as to bring peace of mind to those who meditate with them. White quartz crystals can be used to boost the success of business ventures. Place them in the northeast corner of your office or home, or carry one with you as a good luck talisman.

White quartz is also associated with love, and has been used to attract a lover or help heal heartbreak. It can also be used to strengthen a relationship that needs healing.

**Ethically sourced from Brazil.

Note - This is a natural product. Please allow for variation of size, shape, color, and formation. Some pieces will have points, others will be rough chips/chunks.