Calendula Flower Buds & Petals (Calendula Officinalis)

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Calendula, also known as Calendula Officinalis, originated in Europe. In medieval times, Calendula was regarded as a magickal herb as well as a medicinal and culinary herb. It has been used in the past to produce dyes, flavor food, heal wounds, and even help celebrate the rebirth of the sun god at the winter solstice. In spell work, garlands of Calendula can be used as a protective charm. The blossoms can be used for protection against nightmares. Calendula can be scattered under your pillow to give you prophetic dreams, under your bed to protect yourself from robbers and thieves, or carried in your pocket when facing legal matters to encourage a positive outcome. Cast calendula into the fire on the summer solstice to illuminate your spiritual journey. Dried petals can be strewn to consecrate an area or burned in consecration incense. Infuse Calendula into olive, almond or sunflower oil to create a consecration oil that can be used to add positive intent to your magickal practice or in a salve or cream to promote healing.

Calendula should be kept in a sealed container away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

***Metaphysical/magical outcomes are not implied or guaranteed by using this product. Any information herein related to "magical properties" represents historical or traditional usages in mythology, folklore, folk medicine, or alternative spiritual practices and is provided as a matter of interest and entertainment only.***


Calendula is generally considered safe. Do not use calendula internally during pregnancy since it has traditionally been used to bring on your monthly cycle. As calendula is in the aster family, it may cause a reaction for people who are highly sensitive to plants like ragweed and chamomile. This possibility is rare, but sensitive individuals should proceed with caution when using Calendula for the first time. Rare incidences of allergic contact dermatitis have occurred with the topical use of calendula. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Information on the use of this herb should never replace the care of a medical doctor. We are not medical professionals and are certainly not claiming to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only, based on common and publicly accessible historical information on the herb. You must be 18-years or older to purchase any herb from this store. We highly recommend that you educate yourself about the use of this herb before purchasing it.

IMPORTANT: the picture of the product in most cases are stock photos of the herb, the product description will be a near accurate description of the herb. Please expect variations in the color of the herb as this is a natural product.