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Rough Amethyst Un-Tumbled Raw Stones
Measures Approx. 1 x 0.75 inches (Sizes Vary from Each Individual Piece)
3 cm x 3 cm

Amethyst is the most popular variety of quartz crystal, and is considered to be one of the most powerful and protective stones. It is a semiprecious violet stone that is often used for healing purposes. It has been sought after throughout the ages for its stunning color, hue, and ability to stimulate the mind and emotions. Amethyst is a powerful and protective crystal that has a wide range of healing benefits, including acting as a natural tranquilizer. Amethyst relieves stress and strain, eases irritability, balances mood swings, dispels rage and volatile anger, fear and anxiety. Amethyst works to activate our spiritual awareness. It does this by opening us up to harnessing our intuition and enhancing our psychic abilities. With Amethyst in place by your bedside, you can be assured of plentiful amounts of sleep at night and reducing symptoms of insomnia. It further helps in the remembering and understanding of our dreams. Amethyst also can play a very important role in general metabolism, especially bringing balance to the endocrine system by helping in the active production of hormones for use in the body. Amethyst assists the body in fighting and eliminating disease. This stone helps to purify the blood, helping to reduce physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress. Amethyst can be useful for people suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, disorders in cells and diseases of the digestive system

Amethyst also guards against psychic attack. By wearing the protective Amethyst crystal or having one nearby, one gets protection from all types of suffering including spiritual assault, aura breaching, and negativity as a result of external sources.

This item is sold as a curio only, and is for entertainment or decorative purposes only.

**Ethically sourced from Brazil.

Note - This is a natural product. Please allow for variation of size, shape, color, and formation. Some pieces will have points, others will be rough chips/chunks.