Star Anise Whole (Illicium Verum)

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From its unmistakable earthy aroma, to its absolutely unique star-shaped appearance, Star Anise is truly a one-of-a-kind spice. Star Anise helps improve digestion, alleviate cramps and reduce nausea. Consuming Star Anise tea after meals helps relieve digestive ailments such as bloating, gas, indigestion and constipation. Star Anise is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A and C, which help fight free radicals that are responsible for early ageing and other illnesses. It may ward off fungal infections, and may boost heart health. In Chinese medicine, Star Anise is considered a brain tonic that helps improve concentration and focus. In Ayurveda, Star Anise is known as "Ashwagandha" and is believed to help increase mental clarity, promote good sleep, and protect the nervous system. It's also said to have aphrodisiac qualities. Star Anise tea is a good remedy for colds, flu, and sore throats. It has been shown to kill bacteria in the throat that cause infections. In addition to its antibacterial effects, Star Anise contains antioxidants that can help your immune system fight off illness more effectively by boosting its ability to clear out harmful toxins from your body naturally. Star Anise tea can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and reduce the amount of insulin you need. As a storehouse of antioxidants, it can help reduce the risk of heart disease. It also contains certain compounds called flavonoids, which effectively lower cholesterol levels in the body. Star Anise is considered "the universal balancer" because it promotes balance throughout our body, including in the digestive tract, nervous system, and promotes healthy liver function. Further, this natural herb also promotes sleep quality and duration.

In magick, Star Anise keeps its powerful, spicy scent well through the winter season. Use it for Yule and late fall rites for purification and cleansing. Use it during dark moon divination. When the moon goes dark once a month, it highlights the beauty of the stars in the black sky. Place it on your altar during divination to “light up” your intuition. Because Star Anise is so symmetrical to the point of being a natural phenomenon, it makes the ideal feature in home decor and pagan crafts, and are favoured for their protective qualities. Star Anise can be burned as a natural incense. It doesn't even need to be blended with anything else. Star Anise emits such a strong natural fragrance, it can be burned all on its own, using a charcoal disk. If you don’t have any charcoal incense disks, just toss it in your fireplace and set it ablaze, to enchant your hearth and fill your home with the warm, soothing scent of this classic protection herb. Star Anise can be combined with cinnamon sticks, and steep it in hot water. This infusion makes a great psychic tea for use before divination or for heightened dreaming abilities.

Star Anise should be kept in a sealed container away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.


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