Crystals Beyond Beginners by Margaret Ann Lembo

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Deepen your knowledge of crystals, gemstones, and rocks, and learn how to put their power to work for you.  Crystals Beyond Beginners helps you draw upon your foundation of crystal work to improve your skills and take the next steps in your personal practice. With this comprehensive book, you'll learn how to use crystals for Career Support, Specific Intention, Healing Alignments, Grids, Spiritual Insight, Mindful Manifestation, Smudging, Cord Cutting, Chakras, Aroma-Energetic Mists, Crystal Intention Pouches, Numerology, Astrology, and much much more!  Through exercises, affirmations, and in-depth guidance, Crystals Beyond Beginners teaches you how to fully incorporate crystals into your daily life and unlock your greatest potential.